Straight Jam Thursdays: Theme Park – Tonight + Mausi – Move + Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love

by Reid Horton on January 17, 2013

Yes, the time has come! For what you ask?


Straight Jam Thursdays on

First up, we have the newest release from Theme Park, their disco-fueled track, “Tonight“! Made up of sunshine, disco, and space-age power, this song takes off into the stratosphere, riding echo-filled guitars and sauntering vocals throughout. If you need a pick me up before your night out, turn this one on.

Theme Park – Tonight

Next up, the continuation song for your “night out pregame”, we have Mausi‘s newest effort, the aptly-titled “Move“! Now, if the previous song made you want to dance, get ready to come out of your shoes for this one. Filled with pulsating beats and heavy synth work. Hints of Passion Pit and The Knocks come through at times, and this groover is ready to roll. Within 1 minute, you’ll be nodding your head, and when the chorus hits, you’ll be in full swing. While this is not quite disco, and not quite pop music with hints of soul, but it lands somewhere in a happy-in-between-place, and for that, we are more than thrilled. MOVE!

Mausi – Move

And when you are ready to slow the party down, we have the newest release from Jessie Ware, courtesy of Future Classic, and her tune “What You Won’t Do For Love“! Blues-y and jazzy, while retaining the soulful inflection of Ms Ware’s vocal range, this song gently glides above the city lights, carrying you away on a calm breeze. Atmospheric at times, but always driven forward, this tune is another excellent example of the musical force that is Jessie Ware. Enjoy!

Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love

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