Straight Jam Thursday: Xinobi – (I Hate The Sound of) Guitars + Is Tropical – Venezuela (feat. Get People) + Panama – It’s Not Over

by Reid Horton on October 11, 2012

It’s raining in Southern California today, but I have some sunshine for you…

It’s Straight Jam Thursday!

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First up, we have the brand new single from one of my favorite producers, Xinobi’s “(I Hate The Sound of) Guitars“!

This tune is a driving deep disco movement, crafted with Xinobi’s expertly tuned precision. Blips and deep synth bass ride alongside the ominous vocals, giving you a simultaneous smile and hint of danger. Easily at home in the deep house genre as well, this disco-centric tune embodies all that is great with good music: excellent production, solid rhythms, and well, good times. ENJOY!

Xinobi – (I Hate The Sound of) Guitars

Next up, we have a brand new song from Is Tropical, their Latin American influenced jam, “Venezuela“, featuring Get People! Dark and brooding, without being depressing, this tune is an electronic tropical freak out, with steel drums and soft vocals riding along. Without the distorted guitars, we find Is Tropical crafting an excellent track, filled with deep synths and as the chorus hits, it transports you to a futuristic tropical locale, but instead of tree’s, its more like… robot trees…anyway…JAM IT OUT.

This is also featured on Kitsune Maison 14, which you can pre-order here.

Is Tropical – Venezuela (feat. Get People)

And to stay on our future islands, we have a brand new track from Panama, “It’s Not Over”! Halfway between St. Lucia and Flume, Panama is quietly building a fantastic base of smart electronic-pop songs. This is no different. More indie rock than disco, Panama take you on a soulful journey through the universe, stopping only to bring you in closer. Beautiful vocals allow the excellent instrumentation to breathe on its own, and what we get is a bona-fide JAM, my friends. One of my favorite tracks of the year. Enjoy this one.

Panama – It’s Not Over

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