Straight Jam Thursday: Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates remix) + Cosmic Kids – Freight to My Soul + Jamnights – Lesson & Fascination

by Reid Horton on October 4, 2012

Hey friends! You nearly through the week, and its only clear skies from here…


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First up, we have a brand new remix of Strange Talk‘s “Cast Away” from Plastic Plates! Hot off the heels of the EXCELLENT single, “Things I Didn’t Know I Loved”, Felix has crafted yet another gem here. Space funk keys lead you across a sparsely light disco universe, riding in and out of the falsetto vocals of Strange Talk. An echo-laden breakdown leads you calmly into the head-nod inducing finale, complete with biting synth leads and glowing pads. Well played Felix, well played.

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates remix)

Next up, we have a new song from the LA-based funk/soul/disco group, Cosmic Kids, entitled “Freight to My Soul“! With similarities to Poolside, CK takes this track to a smooth disco paradise, where trade winds carry grooves across oceans. Expertly crafted drums and claps, allow the soft synths to take the lead, as a touch of spoken word is echoed in the background. A classy jam for discerning ears. Enjoy.

Cosmic Kids – Freight to My Soul

And to round out the day, we have a deep and grooving disco/house tune from Jamnights, called “Lesson & Fascination“! Based in Santiago Chile, Jamnights brings some sweet sounds to the table with this funky tune. Swirls and sampled vocal leads build you into a great disco chorus, where strings take the lead and guide you back onto the dance floor. With a deep-space-kind-of-feel, this tune can easily be enjoyed via headphones or late night on the floor. Either way, groove it out.

Jamnights – Lesson & Fascination

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