Straight Jam Thursday: Satin Jackets – The Hustle + Air Zaire – PLAY + Cajoline – Only Girl

by Reid Horton on December 13, 2012

Welcome back for another edition of the most jam-filled day of the week…


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First up, we have another great track from the hit machine’s known as Satin Jackets, and their new song “The Hustle“! Funked out disco guitars begin the head-nodding instantly, as the piano filled beat slowly builds behind you. Groovy in all the right places, this slow disco burner takes you on a late night ride through the streets, calmly passing endless rows of lights and neon signs. Half trip-back-in-time, half all-around-good-time, this song definitely deserves some heavy rotation. Enjoy!

Satin Jackets – The Hustle

Up next, we have a song that I just recently heard, Air Zaire‘s new track, “PLAY“, and I must say…WOW! Mildy esoteric without being boring, this tune carries you away on a delicate sea of tropical beats and ethereal synths. A driving beat propels the track forward, combining cut vocal samples with more tropical goodness, and we have a great vibe-filled track! Perfect for long summer days, or ya know…ANY day…this track is a quick getaway to a more “equatorial” locale.

Air Zaire – PLAY

And to close it out for the day, we have a groovy little track out of France from Cajoline, and their song “Only Girl“! Now, if you need a song to pick you up out of a rut/crevice/ditch/hole, this is it. Driving, bouncing, and careening off of your ear drums, the beat takes a hold of you and quite frankly, refuses to let go. Highlighted by island synths and bouncing steel drums, this track is a beach party in digital form. Hints of Zimmer and Monitor 66 abound, but being their first track, I think Cajoline are heading for a fantastically bright future. Enjoy!

Cajoline – Only Girl

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