Remix Wednesday: The Egg – Catch (The C90s remix) + Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Drop Out Orchestra remix) + Evokateur – White Horses (Fear of Tigers remix) +

by Reid Horton on July 25, 2012

Just when you thought, “really? its only Wednesday? How will I EVER make it through…?”

Don’t worry, I have your back…


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Alright ladies and germs, let’s get moving!

First up, we have a great remix from one of my faves, The C90s, with their remix of The Egg‘s “Catch“! Built upon a fantasticly funky beat, this mover starts really hitting it’s stride around 1 minute in, and never really lets you catch your breathe, in a good way. With a really great guitar line in the background, the verse/chorus structures gets stabbed with an injection of synths and melodies, and well kids, the result is awesome.

The Egg – Catch (The C90s Remix)

Next up, we have Drop Out Orchestra‘s remix of Black Strobe‘s “Boogie in Zero Gravity“! An aptly named song if there ever was one, this spaced out disco gem starts slowly, then starts the whole “I’m going to make you nod your head to this song” thing, and well, we have a jam on our hands. A great blip Arp, combined with delicate strings, and a great guitar riff, all combine to make this track worthy of your ears, and hearts. Or just ears, let’s start with that. Either way, ENJOY!

Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

Now, bringing us home, is your favorite and mine, Fear of Tigers, excellenly crafting an amazing remix of Evokateur‘s “White Horses“. A tad more subdued than other FoT remixes, this tune has all the hallmarks of a fantastic remix: excellent use of vocals, original/interesting new music accompaniment, and of course, a HEALTHY dose of synth delight! The drums are the highlight of this production for me, another aspect that Ben never leaves to chance, always coming with the right amount in the kick/snare ratio, and it really brings the song together. This track is all about good vibes, and well, it’s just what we needed! So yeah, start smiling now!

Evokateur – White Horses (Fear of Tigers remix)

Until next time,

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