Remix Wednesday: Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Good Night Keaton remix) + Bon Iver – Beth/Rest (Work Drugs remix) + Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots remix)

by Reid Horton on August 29, 2012

Hello! My name is Reid, and this is excellent day for a remix

It’s Remix Wednesday!

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First up, we have Good Night Keaton giving a fantastic re-working of Saint Lou Lou‘s single, “Maybe You“! With a tropical feel, GNK has crafted a sauntering, yet entirely digestible remix, featuring delayed synth pads and great vocals from Saint Lou Lou. While there have been some other remixes released for this song, I think this is easily the highlight of the bunch. Floating keys drift seamlessly over a disco beat, leaving you and your head in a constant state of nodding, while the chorus rides over the top. A good one for the car too. Enjoy!

Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Good Night Keaton remix)

Next up, we have the never-ending-music-machine that is Work Drugs, and their entry to the Bon Iver remix competition for “Beth/Rest“! According to Work Drugs…

Work Drugs traveled to a small cabin in a densely wooded area of The Poconos to find inspiration for the Bon Iver remix challenge. Using a 10 year old Packard Bell found along the roadside, Work Drugs crafted the “Beth / Rest” remix with an outdated version of Windows Sound Recorder. This remix is dedicated to Peter Cetera.

Regardless of possible recording devices, this song is pure, delicate goodness. A slice of 80’s nostaglia, a few Phil Collins-esque parts, a sauntering Bon, and you have a winner of a remix. Work Drugs, can you do NO wrong??

Bon Iver – Beth / Rest (Work Drugs remix)

And to finish this up, we have the brand new, and well, simply amazing remix from Moon Boots! Taking the sweet, nearly angelic vocals of Alison Valentine‘s “Peanut Butter” to new heights, Moon Boots lays his signature disco/funk magic dust over this track, giving it a glisten and shine that you can see from afar. If you thought summer was ending, or at least waning, this is the track that will rejuvenate your spirit…its MADE for warm nights and long sunsets. Bouncing on top of glowing synth leads and a chorus that makes you melt, this track is all good in my book. I wish I could say more than I REALLY LIKE IT. But, ya know, I do! :)

Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots remix)

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