Remix Wednesday: Portecho – Two Shots (Drop Out Orchestra remix) + Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrom remix) + Redroche – All I Need (Ghosts Of Venice ’99 remix)

by Reid Horton on January 23, 2013

While it seems the heat has finally died down around these parts, it doesn’t mean we have to get off the dance floor…


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First up, we have a smooth groover of a tune from Drop Out Orchestra, and their remix of Portecho‘s “Two Shots“! Deep disco highlights pave the way for space age synths, bouncing in and out of orbit, while the bass slowly creeps back in. If you like your disco with heavy claps, grooving bass lines, and an overall sense of goodness, look no further. The night is waiting…

Portecho – Two Shots (Drop Out Orchestra remix)

Up next, we have the red-hot Lindstrom and his remix of Grizzly Bear‘s “Gun Shy“! Coming in blazing with a smooth drum beat, as the syncopated blips come filtering in, you feel the piano lift you upwards, and well, you are grooving. Somewhat of an 80′s-synth vibe underneath it all, this remix even brings elements of Chicago house and space disco, which lay perfectly tucked deep inside. Funky synths lit the rest of the way home as this song hits a fantastic groove before the lyrics come in around 4 minutes in, and then builds back into a dance-crazed moment in time. The last 2 minutes are pure gold. Solid stuff here.

Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrom remix)

And to wrap things up for the day, I thought we should bring a solid house tune to the table, and Ghosts of Venice delivers as usual, with his remix of Redroche‘s “All I Need“! A purveyor of Chicago-style house and deep disco grooves, the Ghost has come through once again with this tune. From the first 8 seconds, you know you are about to get wild on the dance floor, and that, is a fantastic thing. Heavy in the right places, and smooth enough to play out, this tune is made for good times and late nights. Get up, and get DOWN.

Redroche – All I Need (Ghosts Of Venice ’99 remix)

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