Remix Wednesday: Nyteowl – Love of Mine (Mighty Mouse remix) + Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body (She’s the Queen remix)

by Reid Horton on March 28, 2012

Well, well, well…feels like Wednesday, and it looks like Wednesday…but, something is different

The changing of seasons, the rise of a new moon?  Nah.  Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s because today is a super special Double Trouble Remix Wednesday!

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So…what does that mean exactly?   Well, nothing really, just more remix for the same post!   You are welcome!

Anyway, first up, a intergalactic ride on the wings of Mighty Mouse!

Taking the R & B flavored vocals from Nyteowl, The Mouse really lays into this one, letting a triumphant disco beat carry this song from start to finish.  With blips, a strong synth bass bringing up the back, and enough ethereal sounds to fill a barn, Love of Mine really shines as an example of how to almost re-invent a song, while still bringing the emotion and soul of the original through.  In other words, with an impressive string of remixes and originals,  it’s about time you check out Mighty Mouse, dude is on it.

Next up, one of my FAVORITE groups, She’s the Queen, remixes everyone’s favorite brooding yet magically beautiful pop band from Montreal, Stars!

Always one for solid production, this remix is no different.   Using the slow building, almost dream-like vocals to paint a picture that you can’t stop staring at, this is remix takes all the best parts of Stars, and adds a funky, dreamwave background to build this into more than just a remix…it almost feels like an original.   Excellent wavy synth lines blend in and out of a shuffling drum beat that not only compliments the vocals, but brings them out to their full potential.   We can only hope that StQ has a few more remixes up their sleeves, as if this is any indication, it’s only going to get better.


Until next time,

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