Remix Wednesday: Daughter – Medicine (The Chainsmokers remix) + Grafton Primary – One More Life (g templeton remix) + Anthony Ross – So Fine In ’99 (Funkhameleon Drops The Disco remix)

by Reid Horton on April 10, 2013

Ready for a groovy Wednesday? Me too. LET’S MOVE!


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First up, we have an excellent new tune from The Chainsmokers, and their remix of Daughter‘s “Medicine“. This came to me by way of a pretty hilarious email from the band, and after hearing the song, I wasn’t going to pass this one up. Laid back without being sleepy, it is driving forward at all times and the progressive/deep-house take on the ethereal vocals of Daughter really plays well. Well placed piano notes combine with building pads to cover the night sky, as the track moves ahead effortlessly. And while the track finishes with a triumphant power of synths and cymbals, it’s not really what the song is about in my opinion. More of a song for the after party, this tune is perfect for the train ride home after a long night out with friends. Check this one out for a cool refresher on a warm Summer night.

Daughter – Medicine (The Chainsmokers remix)

Next up, we have the one-man disco show known as G Templeton, and his stellar new remix of Grafton Primary’s “One More Life”! With a punchy backbeat and a ready-for-the-dance-floor sensibility, this track will make you move in all the right ways. Well timed stabs collide with pieces and remnants of the main vocals, which allows the melody of the song to really shine here. With each song, g Templeton is not only progressing musically, but sonically too. Each one sounds better and better. And while I may be a little biased, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this dude. JAM ON!

You can grab the free download from!

Grafton Primary – One More Life (G Templeton remix)

And lastly, we have another disco-burner from Funkhameleon, and his remix of Anthony’s Ross’ “So Fine in ’99“! Straight out of 1979, the hi hats and and drums filter in a Chicago House rhythm that slowly builds into a dancefloor anthem. Smooth synths and strings highlight this cosmically-tuned song, and as the chorus hits, a funky-as-all-get-out bassline takes you on a ride for the rest of the track. If you like moving it on the dance floor, this is the one for you. Definitely adding this one to a Death House of Love set in the near future. DISCO!

Anthony Ross – So Fine In ’99 (Funkhameleon Drops The Disco remix)

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